I am back on WordPress again and I want to share exciting news. It has been three years since I started this blog and have been unable to post. This was due to both coursework and my old full-time job. I am a blogger with Topcoder and winding up a series on Python through the lens of data science and analytics. The next series on Topcoder will focus on web development with Python. I will use Django and create a simple web application.

This blog will be an extension of my Topcoder blog and provide more in-depth posts on my series topics. My next post on Topcoder introduces lists, sets, and dictionaries. I will use NumPy and SciPy to illustrate core concepts with these data structures. The core Python language does not have arrays, however, NumPy was developed to fill in that gap and give Python array capabilities. Arrays are defined by indexes starting at zero and ending at n-1. A five-element array would have an index starting at zero and ending at four. Many languagrd will return an out-of-index error if you call an array out of range.

This is a simplified example of arrays and Python lists have the same rules. The Topcoder blog post will explain more about these arrays and this blog will go into some extended examples.

Thanks for being patient as I updating this blog. My next post is the extension to my Topcoder blog post.


I’m Back

After a long hiatus, I am back blogging again. Much has happened in my life since I last posted on the blog. The biggest life change is that my mother passed away in August 2016 and I am still grieving her loss. I have graduated with two Associate of Applied Science degrees from Isothermal Community College. I am also completing two certificates in both Java and Python development. I am currently enrolled at Regis University in their M.S. in Data Science program.

The blog wil see some changes as I will blog on topics relating to data science, programming, and faith. I will post weekly as I am busy with school and my job search. Watch for updated content in the next few weeks.


Hello and welcome to my blog where I discuss the intersection between technology, faith, and life. I am a student studying web technologies and information assurance. The blog will contain posts on a wide variety of topics including:

  • Science and religion
  • Best practices for web development and design
  • Information assurance
  • New paradigms in software development
  • Example projects step-by-step
  • And so much more

I will post every two to three days with information you can use as a creative, technical type.